October 11th, 2005

Sarah Connor, "Terminator", #65 and #89

These are the two crossovers involving Sarah that I've done so far. (I was going to try and write all-new stories for this and fanfic100, but with two hundred stories and the need to write longer stuff, every little bit helps. :))

Title: An Invincible Summer
Fandom: Terminator/Highlander
Pairing: Sarah Connor/Joe Dawson
Prompt: #65 -- Passing
Word Count: 3,471 words
Rating: R
Author's Notes: Set between Judgment Day and Rise of the Machines, and as for Highlander ... well, I had to screw with the timeline a bit but it works okay, I think. *G*

Title: Our Passenger
Fandom: Terminator/Firefly
Pairing: Sarah Connor/Jayne Cobb
Prompt: #89 -- She
Word Count: 2,125 words
Rating: R
Author's Notes: Set after Objects in Space and Judgment Day

Sarah Connor's table