October 14th, 2005

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House, M.D. General Series | Prompts 86, 54, and 25

Claimed Subject: House, General Series
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I'll be updating over here in chunks to help out with F'List bloat. Every three to five posts, probably.

Crossover: Desperate Housewives
Rated: ADULT
Word Count: 344
A/N: This is quite adult material, and not going to give you a pick up on a crappy, rainy day by any stretch. I'm not telling you the pairing because I'm evil. (It is het, in case you care.)


Crossover: Lost
Rated: General
Word Count: 262
A/N: Chase and Claire and some bad mojo.


Crossover: 24
Rated: Teen
Word Count: 743
A/N: House, Jack, Tony