October 20th, 2005

[hp] -wolf

Harry Potter General (Buffy, Good Omens, House m.d., Firefly)

Since I've written two (rather long) appropriate crossovers in the last week, I thought I would make them my first offering here - along with a few other old pieces that fit some of the prompts very well. For reference, here is a link to my big hp crossover table.

Title: The Comfort of Old and New
Fandoms: Harry Potter / Good Omens / Buffy
Pairings: Remus/Giles, Aziraphale/Giles
Prompt: 72. Fixed
Word Count: 3500
Rating: R

Title: Battle of the Vexes
Fandoms: Harry Potter / Good Omens / House
Pairings: Snape/Crowley/House
Prompt: 96. Writer's Choice
Word Count: 2800
Rating: PG-15

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