October 22nd, 2005

Walk Like A Man "Colorless" House/Lost

Title: Walk Like A Man
Rating/Warnings: Average/--
Challenge: crossovers100 House, MD: Dr Gregory House
Characters: Dr Gregory House, John Locke (Lost)
Prompt: 020 Colorless
Summary: House wakes up in a strange land
Word Count: 599
Author's Notes: Potentially the first in a series of AU fics, Crossposted to au100
The first awareness was of sand. In his hair, in his eyes, in his mouth, in places sand should never be allowed to go. He scratched, hands rubbing at his face, long before he was awake.

There was water, waves crashing on a shore. He imagined a warm, tropical beach. A net for volley ball, kids building sandcastles. Kids. That would explain the screaming.

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Sheets Are Optional (Mature Readers) "Blue" Oz/Lindsey

Title: Sheets Are Optional
Rating/Warnings: Very Mature/Sexual Situations
Challenge: crossovers100 Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Daniel "Oz" Osbourne
Characters: Oz/Lindsey McDonald (Angel)
Prompt: 015 Blue
Summary: Oz's friends drag him to see a band perform in a seedy club...
Word Count: 1320
Author's Notes: Revised from a challenge fic I wrote quite a while ago. Oz/Lindsey is my ultimate fandom OTP. Don't ask me why. I'm not even sure how I put them together the first time. it just happened.

He couldn't believe he'd let them talk him into this. He'd given up the club scene long ago. Too much smoke, stale peanuts, watered down drinks, and horn dogs looking for a quick roll between the sheets, and more often than not the sheets were optional.

"You have to see this band," Mikey had said, using the music to lure him. "They just got a new singer and the guy is incredible."

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