October 31st, 2005

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027. Parents - House/24

Title: Interrogation
Fandoms: House, 24 with a nod to Ultraviolet
Characters: Greg House, Jack Bauer
Prompt: 027. Parents.
Word Count: 1171
Rating: PG [language]
Author's Notes: Written for crossovers100. And, well, the reason I joined that is to fill in some of the 'missing time' and 'missing scenes' in my fanon. And when you put Jack Bauer and Greg House in the same room and it's personal? That's a missing scene I wish I would've written. So here it is.

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House: Greg House - 024. Shelter

Title: Shelter
Fandoms: House, 24
Characters: Greg House, Brittany House [OC], Jack Bauer, Kim Bauer, references to Teri Bauer
Prompt: 024. Family.
Word Count: 2366
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: What do you do when you get grossed out by a really bad horror movie you didn't even want to watch? You write fluff.

Set in the future, several years from now. One of the eternal questions in my fanonverse is that Brittany made a promise to her father that she would consider taking over CTU Los Angeles when he retired, but then she moved to Princeton, which kind of shot that idea to hell. House and Brittany have been talking idly about moving back to California, but never seriously, so no one knows what they'll do when that time comes.

Until now.

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