November 5th, 2005

First Offering

Yes, I have gone insane.

Some of these will be based in the universe created by these first three fics, others will be totally unrelated. The created universe fics will be labeled Wheel-fic. Each turn of the wheel brings change. (If I get really desperate, some fics will be pieces of stories that I’m currently trying to whip into shape.)

Most of the fics will be slash or have slashy neon signs. One or two might be gen. There will probably not be het – or at least nothing concerning Marcus – who is all mine, I tell you!!! Well, at least for the purposes of this mad caper.
So, here we go.

Challenge #1- Beginnings, Wheel-fic, PG for violence, Marcus/XF, vague spoilers and references to a few episodes, nothing major

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Challenge 2 - Middles, Wheel-fic. Rated G Marcus/XF/Michael Moorcock's multiverse

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Challenge 3 - Ends, Wheel-fic. Rated G Marcus/American Gods Spoilers for ‘Interludes and Examinations’ and ‘Endgame.’

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More later.

Sam Winchester


I grabbed Sam here, then completely forgot to post the links to the fic. My bad.

Both of what I have are merely parts of a larger whole.

Title: Black Magic: Sunnydale xover snippet series
Fandom: Supernatural/Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Claim: Sam Winchester
Characters: Sam Dean
Prompt: Red
Word Count: very few
Rating: Slash, eventual incest
Author's Notes: The Sunnydale part of this story isn't evident yet, unless I've been babbling to you for the past--um? How long? Sorry Cassie=)


Title: Off to never Neverland: Part 0
Fandom: Supernatural/Newford from the world of Charles de Lint
Claim: Sam Winchester
Characters: Sam, Angel, Dean, mention of Jilly, and well. That gives things away.
Prompt: Middles (because even though its a beginning, you get thrown into the middle.
Word Count: eh.
Rating: Pre slash. Might become incesty but not yet.
Author's Notes: Started with lyrics from Kelci for lyric2lit