November 6th, 2005

Admin stuff.

Here's the deal: I update the list once a week, every Sunday. I know, I totally understand that that's awhile to wait, but right now, I'm going to school full-time, working part-time, AND doing NaNoWriMo. So unless you happen to sign up Sunday morning, it's unlikely that you're going to hear back from me immediately.

I realize that sucks, and I'm sorry. No, I really am, because I know how it is when you find something cool and you sign up and you're sitting there like "Oh my GOD, when can I START already?" Believe me, no one would be happier than I if all I had to do was sit around and think about crossovers, because you really cannot understand how much I like them and how they work for me.

You guys probably think that's sarcasm, but the saddest thing is, it's really not. *grin*

(Hell, once January comes? The list might be updated even less frequently than that. I might just ask someone else to do it for me, because I'll be living in London for an internship for four months and from what I can tell, I won't have Internet access in my apartment.)

The only thing not allowed are RPF crossovers. Sorry, but I do not count, say, Sarah Michelle Gellar/Ewan McGregor as a crossover. Even if they've never worked together, even if it would technically be considered a crossover by the BtVS RPF and SWIII RPF communities, they're both still real people and the potential is thus there for it to happen in real life. I will, however, count RPF/historical figure as a crossover, eg Ewan McGregor/Lord Byron. But I doubt anyone but me is enough of a history nerd to consider stuff like that, so it's probably not an issue.

With today's update, I'll be adding a list of things that can no longer be requested because three people have laid claim to them. If something is not on that list, then it's fair game and you are welcome to it, it's just a matter of me making a note of your having claimed it.

In requesting, PLEASE BE CLEAR about what you want. I've had people say "Well, I want X, and maybe Y," and then write me a week later and ask me why they're only on the list for X and not Y. The answer is that they were unclear and thus I wasn't certain whether they wanted Y or not, because they said 'maybe Y', not 'X and Y'.

As for tags? I update them as best I'm able. I was shocked at how quickly the community grew, and I'm doing my best to keep up. I'm trying to add tags for everything I see, but I can't promise I'll catch everything. I might put up a post for tags that people need, just to make things easier. Actually, I really like that idea. Okay, let me finish updating the claims list and I'll put that up.

'Kay? 'Kay! Happy crossovering!


List here any tags that you need. And once they're up? Please, use them. It makes the community that much more readable and easily-navigable. I adore tags. It is my eternal lament that they only bring up the last 100 of posts with a specific tag.

Once again, you guys probably think I'm being sarcastic, but no, I really am that lame.

ETA: Tags are for series/media only, not, for the moment, specific characters. Later today I'll try to figure out how to set the comm to open tags, but for the moment, this works.

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Well I actually wrote this for the smut_69 thing, but since they overlap... and it's alright to use at least a few older fics right?

Claim: Spike
Title: Surrender
Rating: PG13
Summary: While looking for a replacement for Angel, Spike finds much more than that
Pairing: Spike/Duncan MacLeod (Highlander)

Collapse )

Fic: Sold (Spike/Methos, Spike/Angel)

Claim: Spike
Title: Sold
Rating: NC17
Characters: Spike, Methos, Angel, various others
Pairing: Spike/Angel, Spike/Methos
Crossover: Angel/Highlander
Warnings:slave/Master relationship, some coporeal punishment and basical crazy Angel
Summary: Harmony accidentally gets Spike sold for an auction, Angel has to get him back

Prompt 34: Not Enough