November 9th, 2005

Walk Like A Man [2/?] (Average) au100, crossovers100 "Hands" House/Lost

Title: Walk Like A Man (2/?)
Rating/Warnings: Average/--
Challenge: au100 House, MD: General Series, crossovers100 House, MD: Dr Gregory House
Characters: Dr Gregory House, Dr James Wilson, Dr Jack Shepard (Lost), John Locke (Lost)
Prompt: 096 Writers Choice: Hands
Summary: House reaches Wilson, and it doesn't look good
Word Count: 701
Author's Notes: Part 1

House was off and running, running toward Wilson as fast as his legs would move. It was an awesome sensation, running again, the ground under his feet. But he didn't have time to lose himself in it. He was driven, driven to Wilson's side.

There was a crowd around him, the man on a makeshift cot on the ground. A dark haired man with blood stained down the side of his shirt knelt next to Wilson, helping Wilson drink from a plastic water bottle.

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nevcolleil: writer

Distance - PG-13 - Supernatural/Highlander crossover

Title: Distance
Author: Nev
Claim: Supernatural
Crossover with Fandom(s): Highlander
Challenge: 83 (Wet)
Disclaimers: Supernatural belongs to the WB; Highlander was created by Gregory Widen.
Summary: All in all, it was everything Dean might have wanted in a death scene...
Note: Fic 1/1, found at my lj through the link below.