November 29th, 2005

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Title: Persona
Author: Kelly, aided by a plot bunny that got into someone’s drug stash.
Rating: Mature, for non-explicit sex.
Prompt: 025. Strangers
Fandoms: Law & Order: TOS (since this is before Mike was on CI)/House, M.D.
Disclaimer: You know Mike’s haircut on L&O: CI? I wouldn’t allow it if I owned that show. As for Wilson…well, I write a very possessive House at times. Does that count for anything? Damn, didn’t think so.
Summary: Everyone has at least two faces. 1,683 words.
Author’s Note: This came about because a friend told me not to write Mike/Wilson—which meant I had to. It came to me while driving to economics and was written there (which is the only good use for that class). Thanks to sarcasticsra and amazonqueenkate for the awesome betas. Any remaining mistakes are all mine. They can’t have ‘em. My table can be found in my user info. (Keep scrolling. It's there, I promise.)

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Turning A Corner (#1 Beginnings; Blake's 7/Doctor Who)

Title: Turning A Corner
Fandom: Blake's 7/Doctor Who
Claim: Doctor Who
Characters: Cally, 9th Doctor
Prompt: #1 Beginnings
Word Count: 900 approx
Rating: family
Summary: Explosions, rescue, offer, refusal, acceptance.
Author's Notes: This is a re-telling of the events of the original "Cally and the Doctor" story, from Cally's point of view.
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