December 3rd, 2005

Gillian Green

A Request

Hello, all. No fic right now, but a request:

I've been feeling like writing, but I can't get inspired. So I hoped someone (or, even better, many someones) would be up for helping me out. My claim is Scully from The X-Files, my table can be found here and I need some ideas. I can do crossovers with Harry Potter, Firefly, Angel, Buffy, or Alias. Give me a character you want Scully to interact with, a situation, whatever. I can pick the prompt when thinking up the story, or you can when you offer an idea. Hell, if you want, you can just pick the prompt and the crossover you want. Just give me....something. Please!

Fire Walk With Me BtVS/Supernatural 3/100 Prompt 52

Title: Fire Walk With Me
Fandoms: BtVS; Supernatural
Prompt: 52 - Fire
Word Count: 2,321
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Unfortunately not mine, though I do take them out to play once in a while.
Big Table: Big Table
Story Progress: 3/100
Warnings: Character Death
Spoilers: Supernatural through Home

Synopsis: Willow wakes from a dream, only to find a nightmare.

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