May 1st, 2010

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new claim - Supernatural/many

I've claimed Supernatural, and as I have a number of previously written fics, I thought I'd save us some time and space by linking them all in one post.

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Changing Channels--Firefly: 022 - Enemies
During "Changing Channels", Dean and Sam get caught in a rerun of a canceled FOX sci-fi show. (PG, 699 words)

Supernatural/Greek Mythology
Ancient History: 013 - Yellow
Dean and Sam think they've found another one of the Trickster's old pranks, but a bit of archangel interrogation turns up a different suspect. (PG, 848 words)

Joke's on You: 035 - Sixth Sense
A fake trickster/hiding archangel pulls one of his pranks on an unsuspecting "fake" psychic. (PG, 902 words)

Supernatural/Star Trek
Changing Channels--Star Trek XI: 015 - Blue
During "Changing Channels", Dean and Sam get caught in a TV premiere of the newest Star Trek film. (G, 469 words)
death gate cycle

new fic (Last Night on a Dying Earth( SG Alantis/Highlander #5

Title: Last Night on a Dying Earth
Author: karrenia-rune
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis/Highlander: the Series
Characters: Sheppard, Teyla, Ronon Dex, mentions and cameos of others.
From Highlander: Richie Ryan, Duncan MacLeod and now guest-starring Methos aka Adam Pierson
Rating: PG-13
Words: 3100
Prompt: #53 earth


Disclaimer: Highlander: the Series and the characters that appear here or are mentioned belong to Panzer/Davis etc and are only 'borrowed' for the purposes of the story. Stargate Atlantis belongs to Gekko Film Corp. Renaissance Pictures, etc as do all of the characters who appear here or are mentioned. The story references events from the 2nd season episode of SG: Atlantis “Aurora” and briefly, the first Stargate movie.

Note: written for the crossovers100 prompt #53 earth, and is part 5 of a series that began with "Strangers in Paradise." and picks up with a short hiatus taken into consideration after "Hurt Hawks"

. (or how Methos arrived in the Pegasus Galaxy")

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