December 14th, 2013

  • carley9

New BtVs/DBZ Crossover

Title: The Wedding Weekend (Chapter One)
Author: carley9
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Dragonball Z
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Trunks, Vegeta, Bulma, Bra, & Goten
Pairing(s): Buffy/Vegeta, Dawn/Trunks, Bra/Goten
Rating: NC-17(Sexual Situations)
Prompt: #56 Breakfast
Warnings: Sexual Situations, AU
Disclaimer: Any recognizable characters belong to their respective owners. I do this for fun, not for profit.
Summary:  Buffy wasn't expecting to spend the weekend with a stranger when Dawn dragged her to the wedding of a friend.
Links : LJ, FF.Net, TtH, & AO3