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Title: Irrigating in the Desert
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis and Star Trek: A03 reboot movies, Fusion
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: the above are not mine, they belong to their respective creators and producers
are only 'borrowed' for the purposes of the story.
Prompt: #79 desert

irrigatingCollapse )</lj-cut) Continued in chapter 2: "Thursday's Child"
Title: Thursday's Child
Author: Karrenia_Rune
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: #18 white

thursdayCollapse )
Title: Your Young People shall See Visions
Author: Karrenia_rune
Fandoms: Stargate Atlantis w/Star Trek Aos Movies Fusion
Rating: PG-13
prompt: #19 white
Notes: Picks up from where "Thursday's Child" left off. Written for Journey Story 4.0

shallseevisionsCollapse )