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FIC "Dating" (Doctor Who/Buffy) #10 Years

Title: Dating
Fandom: Doctor Who / Buffy
Claim: Doctor Who
Characters: Willow Rosenberg, Tenth Doctor
Prompt: #10 Years
Word Count: 100
Rating: family
Author's Notes: No, I have no idea how Willow ended up in the TARDIS.

My Big Table: here

"Anywhere in time and space. Anyone in history." The Doctor grinned. "What do you fancy?"

"Moses," Willow said. She frowned. "But he's rather difficult to date."

"You want to date Moses?"

"You're the driver; you'd have to date him."

"I do not want to date Moses!"

"Sorry, stupid idea. I mean, we don't even know which Pharaoh it was."

"Which Pharaoh?" The Doctor blinked. "Oh, that kind of date."

"What other kind of-?" She stopped, blushing as red as her hair. "I didn't mean - I just wanted to see -"

Of course, they ended up freeing slaves on Uxion Beta instead.
Tags: btvs, doctor who

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