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#1: The End of the Beginning

Title: The End of the Beginning
Author: Christy
Rating: FR15
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these series....I'm just borrowing the situation for a bit.  I may not own the series that Alissa filters through, but the concept of her is something I came up with
Genre: Gen/AU
Fandoms: Star Trek/Highlander/Angel
Series: Personal Interludes #1
Word Count: 423
Timeline: Right after “Encounter at Farpoint”
Prompt: 1- Beginnings
Summary: The end results of the initial voyage of the Enterprise

The initial status reports were starting to come in from the Enterprise. Noone except those with the kind of clearance needed for this specific kind of mission even got to read the full report. The maiden voyage of the Enterprise D was a lot more complicated than most of Starfleet, let alone civilians knew. Most of the lowest in the chain of command would know about the discovery at Farpoint Station. Some higher up would have been notified about the encounter the crew made with the being known as Q. But only a select few knew about the background of a scared 15 year old human telepath by the name of Alissa Pierce, who pulled out of the 20th century solely due to some high energy negotiations with high ranking officials to even allow the Enterprise to use the Guardian to get her out. And most of that based on one newspaper article and its accompanying photographs. A yellowed copy sat in front of the brunette who was currently was staring out of her windows in New York and brooding. She looked up as the door chimed, hoping that he’d show up before she left. Pressing the button that opened the door, she motioned her visitor in, centuries of instinct silencing the habitual “Enter”.
“So this is when you popped in from after going back the first time?” Angel asked her with no preamble.
Alissa rubbed her temples, already feeling a headache brewing. “Something like that. The me from now, er, the earlier, 20th century me, has six years to go through before we merge.” She waved away the question on the tip of his tongue. “You know temporal mechanics, especially loops like my life is, have never really been my strong suit. Suffice it to say, the younger me has to go through what she will, then go back in time and live up to the now point, masquerading as an Immortal to fit in. Then the timeline snaps me, us, whatever, back to the moment six years from now, at the moment I left.” She chuckled at the bemused confusion on his face. “Clear enough for you?”
“Not by a long shot, but then again, I don’t think that Q thought you were going to take him that seriously when he’d suggested that you get in touch with humanity’s past,” Angel rejoined as he kissed her on the cheek. “I’ll be sure to keep an eye on her until you get back,” he said with a grin and let himself out.
Tags: angel, highlander, star trek

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