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Hall of Fame

Here is the hall of fame for those amazing authors who wrote 100 crossover stories!

Prizes are made by me unfortunately, since I am not an artist. I'll try to make the banners/icons/(the occasional wallpaper) as nice looking as possible.

When you get to your 90th-95th story, let me know so I can try to have something put together before you're done. Tell me if you want an icon or a banner. I can also be convinced to make a wallpaper, but it really depends on my mood and what's available out there for your claim as far as images go. If there are images you want me to use, give me a link. It's easier on me than to have to dig for pictures I think might work. If quality pictures are too hard to come by, I may ask you to find your own images, or give you a text-only with a quote of your choice (either from one of your stories or from your claim).

Our super hall of famer is cazmalfoy who, as far as records show, is the first to finish all 100 prompts! Since cazmalfoy is the first (and because they get such a small banner), I've also put together an icon. Everyone else gets just one choice.

Author Claim Table Prize
cazmalfoy Danny Messner (CSI:NY)/Tim Speedle (CSI:Miami) Here Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic
strangevisitor7 Highlander-General Series Here Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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