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Impasse - Doctor Who/Lie To Me

Title: Impasse
Claim: Doctor Who General Series
Fandom: Doctor Who/Lie To Me
Characters: The Ninth Doctor and Cal Lightman
Word count: 168
Rating: G
Prompt: #040 – Sight
My crossovers100 table: Can be found here.
Disclaimer: The characters and locations portrayed here are not mine. Doctor Who belongs to the BBC and Lie To Me belongs to Samuel Baum and Fox Television. This is a fan authored work and no profit is being made. Please do not archive this story without my permission.
Author’s Notes: Spontaneous drabble to boost my amount of tweets with #beatcancer in them, since $0.01 was donated to cancer research for every #beatcancer tweet when I wrote this. The Doctor Who part was a given, but vell_delarose suggested Lie To Me, Nine, and Lightman. Enjoy!

(They’d been looking at each other for the better part of five minutes)

Tags: doctor who, lie to me

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